Outer Roominations
Outer Roominations
Collaboration with Annakatrin Burnham
Unceded Terrritory of the Wiyot People Table Bluff, CA

For Outer Roominations, Kita uses the “Bear Paw” barn quilt / hex sign composition to explore the both the subject and object of a "barricade".

This work is a reflection on land use, access, development, natural resources, wildlife ecology, and the demarcation of “private”/“public”, informed by the California Gold Rush, Monarch the Grizzly Bear (of the state flag), and the system of institutionalized infographics. Kita would like to formally acknowledge that this installation is on the unceded territory of the Wiyot Tribe.

For this installation, Kita invited artist Annakatrin Burnham to collaborate to “hold space” between the two barricades with her intuitive ceramic practice.