nicole kita
A-Alpha. B-Bravo. (Set of Six)
Screen Prints on Paper 
Each Print Measures 15" x 21"
A-Alpha. Swallowtail (Red, OxBlood)
Screen Print on Paper 
15 x 21 InchesA-Alpha. Swallowtail (Yellow, Green)
Screen Print on Paper 
15 x 21 InchesB-Bravo. (Set of Two)
(School Bus Yellow, Marine Blue)
Each Print Measures 15" x 21"
HEXAFOOS Flying SparrowsHEXAFOOS Flying SparrowsHEXAFOOS Flying SparrowsHEXAFOOS Flying SparrowsHEXAFOOS Flying Sparrows WreathHEXAFOOS Flying Sparrows WreathHEXAFOOS Bear Paws
Set of Two

HEXAFOOS Bear PawsHEXAFOOS Bear PawsHEXAFOOS Flying Sparrows (White)Inactive Ingredients (Aspirin) 
Set of TwoInactive Ingredients (Aspirin) 
Ascriptin, Bayer Chewable, St. JosephInactive Ingredients (Aspirin) 
Bufferin, Bayer Safety Coated, EcotrinUntitled (Half-Broadsheet)Untitled (Chronic Fatigue; Arthritis; Bone Injuries; Depression; Diabetes; Fibromyalgia; Kidney Disease) 

From the Shamanic Jazzercise Series
Screen Print on PaperWhen in Rome
Pope John Paul II, Africa, 1980The CaduceusConfettis Making Tangible Gestures (Keith)Call 7729 for Prayer, Erika
Screen Print on Paper (Seven-Color)
Call 7729 for Prayer, JesseOften More Salve Than Solution Instructing Us to Look at Instruction So in Every Similar Circumstance, One is Spared Hesitation, Indecision
My work is informed by anthropology and print media.

Printmaking is a medium for the dissemination of information and visual culture. Prior to the 15th century, images were singular, one-of-a-kind, and rare. They were objects of privilege, tethered by class and geography, to private palaces and places of worship.

The invention of the printing press provided the technology to multiply images, redefining the cultural history of visual communication and reaching a new socioeconomic audience.